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Pug Breeder

I would like to share my experience with you how we got statred in this great adventure of pugs. We are a pug family. My husband and started withone very loving pug girl named Muggize. We just fell in love with her so much, we looked for one more pug boy to add to our family. We found Onyx, we just feel in love with him at first site. He has the greatest disposition, I have ever seen in a dog. I have had a lot of pet dogs, German Shepherds, Boxers, English Springer Spanials, I also raised English Springers, but the best bread is a Pug. I know where the expression came from "A pug is not a dog, but a pug. Is very true. "You have never owned a dog until a Pug has owned you." Unconditional love is a PUG!